This Year’s Top 10 (so far…)

To start things off, I’ve decided to tell you about my Top 10 obsessions for the year. If you don’t like what you hear now you should probably stop paying attention to me.

10. Tom Vek

Tom Vek made a comeback last year with his latest album Leisure Seizure. The video for “Aroused” is just so great and is probably one of the best attempts at getting kids around the world to start smoking. Watch it below.

Download Tom Vek – “Aroused” here. (Right click, save)

9. Dom

This is the kind of band that can make anyone instantly happy. Watch the video for “Living in America” below.

Download Dom – “Living in America” here. (Right click, save)


8. Eight and a Half

Take one of the guys from Broken Social Scene and another from The Stills and this is what you get. “Scissors” and “Go Ego” are 2 of the best songs from their self-titled first album. Watch the videos for them below.

Download Eight and a Half – “Scissors” here. (Right click, save)

Download Eight and a Half – “Go Ego” here. (Right click, save)

7. Black Marble

Not too sure how I stumbled across this band but SO GLAD THAT I DID. Their EP Weight Against the Door is quite tricky to get hold of but you can listen to “Backwards” and “Pretender” below.

Download Black Marble – “Pretender” here. (Right click, save)

6. Thieves Like Us

I’ve always been a fan of Thieves Like Us and their latest album Bleed Bleed Bleed does not disappoint. “Marie Marie”, “Bleed Bleed Bleed” and “Your Love Runs Still” are my favourites. Listen below.

Download Thieves Like Us – “Marie Marie” here. (Right click, save)

Download Thieves Like Us – “Bleed Bleed Bleed” here.

Download Thieves Like Us – “Your Love Runs Still” here. (Right click, save)

5. Santigold

Master of My Make-Believe is the much anticipated follow-up to Santigold’s first album. While I wasn’t that in love with her first single “Big Mouth”, she managed to win me over again with her second single “Disparate Youth” which was a much better representation of the Santigold we all know and love.

Download Santigold – “Disparate Youth” here.

Other stand-out tracks from the album include “Fame” and “Go”, which features Karen O from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

4. M.I.A

How could anyone not be obsessed with M.I.A? The video for “Bad Girls” was released earlier this year and based on this effort her next album looks like it’s going to be her best yet. I mean, Chris Martin even said that it’s one of the best videos he’s ever seen. That’s what’s up.

 Download M.I.A – “Bad Girls” here. (Right click, save)

3. Light Asylum

Been in love with this band ever since they released “Dark Allies” last year and it’s one of those songs that just never gets old. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the lead singer is a woman, listen to it below to understand why.

Shocked? Intrigued? They just released their first album and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. “Heart of Dust” is probably my favourite track, and the rest of the album is definitely worth downloading. Get it here.

Download Light Asylum – “Heart of Dust” here. (Right click, save).

2. Geographer

This is a really amazing band that I think everyone should know about. Their latest album Myth is one of those albums that you can listen to from start to finish and these are some of my favourite songs from it.

Bonus: 2 of the best songs from their previous album, Animal Shapes. The first is a live performance of “Verona” which they did for All Saints, and the second is called “Night Winds”.

Download Geographer – “Verona” here. (Right click, save)

Download Geographer – “Night Winds” here. (Right click, save)

1. Lana Del Rey

Anyone who knows me won’t be shocked by this. I’ve watched her videos more times than I care to admit and am super excited about her new video for “Summertime Sadness”, which is supposed to be released this month. The video features Jaime King (who I also love) and is directed by her husband. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos to get you more excited.







If you haven’t already seen the video for LDR’s current single, “Blue Jeans”, here it is.

I normally don’t have any interest in listening to remixes of her songs (COS THEY’RE PERFECT ALREADY) but I really enjoyed the Alpines’ remix of “Blue Jeans”, who are also pretty awesome. Check out the remix they did for LDR as well as their latest video below.

Download Alpines – “Cocoon” here.

To end off I would like to show the haters out there that LDR can actually sing live. This is a video that I found of her singing a cover of Kasabian’s “Goodbye Kiss”. ❤