Weekend Round-Up

I came across a few great artists this weekend, the first of which was Charli XCX. “Nuclear Seasons” is probably my new favourite song at the moment. Watch the video below.

Download Charli XCX – “Nuclear Seasons” here. (Right click, save)

Also watch the video for Alex Metric’s “The End of the World”, which she featured in.

Next up is a new remix by RAC, which was done for “Two Hours” by Theme Park.

TNGHT have made some pretty interesting instrumental hip hop and are about to release their first EP. Listen to the first single below.

“Winter Beats” is the first single off  the debut album, Hearts, by I Break Horses. Watch the video below.

Download I Break Horses – “Winter Beats” here. (Right click, save)

We are Augustines released their debut album Rise Ye Sinking Ships about a year ago. The video for “Chapel Song” features a lot of snogging. Watch it below.

Lastly, we have the video for “King Complex” by Man Without Country.

Download Man Without Country – “King Complex” here. (Right click, save)

I hope this post helps you deal with the fact that the weekend is almost over.