It’s Friday. Listen to This.

The week just ended. Time to start drinking so we can all go out and make fools of ourselves. To get you in the mood I’ve put together a few songs perfect for such an occasion. First on the list is a band called A Lull, who deliver some pretty amazing psychedelic rock in “Summer Dress”, which is the first song off their new album, Meat Mountain.

The next song is by a band named Phedre. Listen here.

“Geri” is the first single off Superhumanoids’ new album, Exhibitionists. Listen to it below.

Listen to Blondfire’s “Where the Kids Are” below.

HEALTH made an incredible remix of “Suffocation” by Crystal Castles. Listen below.

Last on the list is Arnaud Rebotini’s remix of “Beyond Bad” by Rafale.

Go forth and prosper.