Black and White Bands.

Picking a theme for a post is trickier than it looks. I wasn’t feeling that inspired today so I decided that the thread that was meant to tie these 3 bands together was their mutual love for grayscale. The first is a band called The Neighbourhood. They released the video for “Sweater Weather” a few months ago. Black and white videos are always a win and they did this one pretty well.

I also really like “Female Robbery”. Listen to it below.

To download their EP, I’m Sorry, fill in your email here and it’s yours. 

Manor are an Australian duo who have released two singles so far. They’re both quite  different from each other, but still equally impressive in their own right.

Wildcat! Wildcat! are starting to gain quite a following. Listen to their first single, “Mr. Quiche”, below.

Bonus! A remix by The Dirty Tees.

Also, download “End of the World Today”, here. (Right click, save)