Yesterday the world was introduced to the hottest new boy band, LESSTHANTHREE, with the release of their first video for “You Live Where I Dream”. The group was started by Martin Magner, Dave Colley, and Roy Neubert, in the hopes of becoming the boy band to end all boy bands. Earlier this week I got the chance to get an exclusive interview with the band, and this is what happened…

To start things off, how did LESSTHANTHREE actually come about?

M: After the success of our first rap single ‘Fashion’ we decided to continue on our journey to fame. We wanted to create a reality show, the script has been typed out on my iPad for months, that failed because we all wanted the main role. We then ended up creating a boy band because when we were young we all shared the same idol. The BSB’s. (Backstreet Boys)

R: I’m a sucker for fame.

What’s your first single about?

R: Love. We feel there just aren’t enough songs about love these days.

Are you worried that since there are in fact 3 of you in the group, some people may get confused by your name?

R: It’s completely conceptual. People will get it.

One Direction is your biggest competition right now. What do you have that they don’t?

R: Talent.

M: Me.

If you had to make a movie about the journey of LESSTHANTHREE, who would play Martin, Roy and Dave?

M: Zac Efron, Mulan & David Guetta (respectively)

Are you aware that your initials spell ‘dream’ without the vowels?

M: Of course. Everything we do is conceptual. The dance routine that I choreographed was also V conceptual. It represents the fight for love. You catch it, it hits you. you put out, you get back, you throw it pon de floor, clean it up, ball change and drop.

I have to ask, what’s with the sunglasses? (They were all wearing black shades. Inside. At night.)

D: Our Future is just too bright. We are forced to wear sunglasses 24/7.

R: Also, it’s never too dark to be cool.

If you were to add one more member to the band, who would it be? 

M: Beyonce.

R: But she’d have to audition first.

When can we see you perform live?

M: We have a few Batmitzvah’s booked.

R: The MTV video music awards.

What’s on your list of requirements for your dressing room?

M: Mirrors & NO fluorescent lighting.

R: TimTams, Milly Macintosh, a Playstation and a Panda.

M: AND PAUL WARD! (we need to be photographed)

D: Goats Milk, Woolies Microwaves meals, a microwave, groupies.

After doing the interview and watching their first video I’m convinced that these guys are going to go far. The video itself was shot, edited, directed, written, and performed by the 3 of them, proving to the world that boy bands really can do it all. Prepare to be blown away.

NOTE: This is mostly just for fun.