Playlist: James Conde Rutherford

Playlists are designed to introduce all of you to relevant people and their relevant tastes in music. For this installment I’ve got James Conde Rutherford, former UCT dropout who spent his time making music, throwing parties and reading comic books. He now works for The Assembly handling marketing and promotion as their OPM (Online Presence Manager) and is also a DJ/producer, who goes by the stage name, Einstein Adonis. With the launch of Assembly Radio, he’s begun producing programming and also co-hosting the SYNW show with Stone-Age Citizens. Rutherford has been featured on TRMB previously for an Einstein Adonis mixtape, called “Ferngully” (go here). I LOVED the mixtape so much that I had to get him to share more of what he’s been listening to with me (and with all of you of course). So, here are the 10 songs that Rutherford is currently obsessing over:

Einstein Adonis is scheduled to play alongside Wildebeats and the Glow LDB crew at Kool Turkey TONIGHT at Zula Bar on Long Street. So if you want to hear even more great music from him you should definitely be there! For the event page, go here

Photo by Stewart Innes, courtesy of The Assembly