The Alps – More Than Just a Mountain Range.

The Alps have inspired so many people to create paintings, books, movies, songs and now, even bands. 2 of my favourite new bands actually share very similar names that are both derived from the European mountain range: ALPINE and Alpines. See the difference? For quite a while I did not, thinking that they were in fact one in the same. Then, after realising my mistake, I spent even longer trying to remember which one was which.



First, allow me to introduce you to ALPINE. They’re from Australia, they have 2 female lead singers, and have just released a new song, called “Gasoline”.

They’ve also made 2 very impressive videos which you can watch below.

ALPINE – Villages from Yvette Paxinos on Vimeo.

ALPINE: HANDS (Official Video) from Ivy League Records on Vimeo.

Next is Alpines, the British duo who have featured twice on TRMB before. I’ve just listened to their first EP and these are my favourite new songs from it:

Also, if you managed to miss the videos which I featured before, here they are below.

Alpines – Cocoon from Ryan Hope on Vimeo.

Alpines Empire from cherrycherry on Vimeo.

To hear the rest of the EP, go here.