Event: YOH! 1

YOH! is a new party in Cape Town that is being organised by Frankly, my deary & BOK, who’ve crammed so many different events together that it’s sure to appeal to almost everyone!

The night will start off with a screening of After Hours, the black comedy by Martin Scorsese, and will be followed by another screening of Jam Jarr’s new music video for “I Am Not here” (which was shot by Zoe Mclean and Stacy Howell). THEN, there will be performances by Sexual Tension & Battle Beyond the Stars – the organisers of After Hours (TRMB’s favourite party everrr). If that isn’t enough to get you excited then I’m not sure what is.

It’s at the same venue as EVOL on Hope Street.

R20 gets you in.

For the event page on Facebook, go here.