Playlist: St. Lucia

This is a really exciting one for me. I first wrote about St. Lucia aka Jean-Philip Grobler soon after I started TRMB and never imagined that me writing about him would one day lead to getting in touch and actually collaborating with him on a blogpost. I’ve written about him a few times before (because I’m completely obsessed with him) and you can read about it here and here.

In addition to making a playlist for TRMB, I also got him to answer a few questions. When asked about the release of his LP, he said:

“I’m in the process of finishing it off right now, and should be done by the end of August. It’ll probably be released around the beginning of next year, with some singles leading up to it.”

My main concern however, was about when he was going to perform in South Africa, to which he responded:

“I really, really hope we’ll be able to soon. Obviously, it all depends on the demand for us over there, because it’s incredibly expensive for this band to tour so we can’t just do it because we feel like it, even though we’d like nothing more.”

This is a South African artist that I think everyone should know about and I’m making it my personal mission to educate everyone on just that! SO MUCH love for St. Lucia, and so much love for the playlist he created, which are his top 10 favourites for 2012 so far.  Enjoy!

1. “There are a bunch of songs that I love off of the new Chairlift album. It’s an incredibly emotionally deep group of songs that are beautifully put together production wise, and very thought and felt through in every way. This song, though, is the moment when they lighten their touch just a little, and it’s refreshing. Perhaps the most beautiful love song of the year.”

2. “I was, and still am, a huge fan of Twin Shadow’s debut album ‘Forget’. I’m not quite as enamored with his new album, but there are a few songs that still really hit home for me, and this is one of them. You can almost touch the conflict and heartbreak.”

3. “Grimes seems to have completely dominated the indie scene this year, and for good reason. She’s a really talented lady, and evokes a completely otherworldly atmosphere with her music, without sacrificing accessibility. This song is my favorite, among many.”

4. “Such an incredibly tight groove, and it just feels like sunshine. Franks voice is like syrup. Obviously, there is a lot more to this song, but the surface is so appealing that you can pretty much go on just that.”

5. “This cover of the Neil Young classic is so disarming as the first track on the new Chromatics album, I almost couldn’t make it past it. Heartbreak and longing bottled in just over 5 minutes.”

6. “Besides being very good friends of mine, Deidre and Paul of Savoir Adore make some of the most magical pop music I’ve heard in quite some time. This is a standout from their new album.”

7. “Another song that I almost couldn’t make it past when I heard it on the new Beach House record. I could list what is perfect about this song, but it would pay more to just listen to it if you haven’t heard it. Once again, similar feelings of conflict and melancholia, which somehow seem to destroy whenever done in the right way.”

8. “An awesome radio pop anthem from a lady with an incredible voice. It evokes images of flying over the world, kind of like at the beginning of the BBC series Planet Earth. Do I need to point out the Massive Attack influence? Probably not.”

9. “Another band that are friends of mine. I remember the first time I saw them at the SXSW festival in Austin this year, I was completely floored. Three unbelievably sexy ladies who can play their instruments and sing like the rock gods of old, AND they have songs!! Mark my words, HAIM are going to be one of the biggest bands next year.”

10. “One of the few songs in a long time that pretty much everyone I know finds irresistible. The perfect summer pop anthem. That string section was a genius move.”