Happy Women’s Day.

To celebrate Women’s Day I’ve decided to share my favourite women of the moment with you. They all have talent and looks for days, which makes their videos quite painful (in the best way) to watch.

First up is Ruby Frost. She’s from New Zealand (which is an achievement in itself), she has great hair, an amazing voice and a somewhat Natasha Bedingfield-like quality to her that I can’t seem to ignore.

Next is Charli XCX. Still can’t get enough of her first video for “Nuclear Seasons” (which you can watch here) and just fell in love with her new single, “You’re The One”. Out of everyone I’m featuring today I believe she’ll be the biggest in the future. She’s a combination of pop’s answer to MIA and a 90s Mila Kunis. And she’s pretty much amazing.

2:54 are so good that they got to open for The xx on their current tour. What’s confusing is the startling resemblance that one of the members has to Romy Madley-Croft of The xx. Is it her..? I can’t be sure.


Next up is Catherine Pockson. She’s British (which suits the anglophile in me perfectly) and is the lead singer of Alpines. I’ve featured them on TRMB before (here), and yesterday they released their latest single, “Chances”, which is basically just 3 minutes of Catherine’s perfect face. No-one’s complaining.

Haim was introduced to me by St. Lucia in his playlist which I posted recently (here). There are 3 members in the band, they’re sisters (Hanson vibes) and they’re all talented, attractive and semi-retarded in a good way. Also, HAIR.

Some people would say this post is all about ‘girl power’. I’d like to tell those people to go fuck themselves.