I have a few new remixes to share today. They’re all great in their own way and feature some of my favourite bands ever.

I heard Trust’s album a few weeks ago and it’s still playing in my car. Which for me is quite a big deal because I usually get over things quite quickly. Anyway, they recently toned things down for a remix of Feist’s “Graveyard”. Listen to it below.

RAC can do no wrong in my eyes, even if they’re remixing Bloc Party. I actually like this version more than the original. Deal with it.

Everyone is obsessed with Gotye nowadays. Actually everyone is just obsessed with that one song that I’m not going to talk about. Here is a remix of one of his other songs though. Yes, he has other songs, and they’re also quite nice!

Niki & The Dove is another crowd pleaser that recently got remixed by Body Language.