Another Weekend.

Just because this post is about the weekend doesn’t mean it has to be filled with ‘club bangers’. Chill. You can still have fun to this, I promise.
Like a lot of people I’m fully obsessed with Grimes at the moment. Her album, Visions, is near perfect and since you’ve probably already heard it I’ve decided to write about a lesser known remix she did which you might not have come across.

On An On have made a promising album with the help of one of the guys from Broken Social Scene. The first single, “Ghosts”, is wonderful and I can’t wait to hear what else they’ve come up with.

The 1975 are a group of 4 friends from Manchester who are making some pretty incredible music. This song is taken off their debut EP, Facedown. 

I don’t know that much about Torches but I’m really enjoying the remix that FOE did for their song, “Silent Film”.

Alt-J are all the rage right now. I even heard them on the radio on the other day. The surprise almost knocked me over, but after calming myself down I decided to forget that it ever happened. Also, don’t judge me for listening to the radio – it happens.

Last year Beach Fossils reigned supreme as my favourite band, and this year Zachary Cole Smith started a side project called DIIV (pronounced ‘dive’) and its fast becoming one of my favourite bands for this year too. This man can do no wrong.

I first wrote about Astronauts, etc a few days ago (go here) and he’s been nice enough to release a new song, “You Can Yell”, which shows off a different side to him.