Playlist: Nolita Knights

Nolita Knights are the band from New York whose video for “Distance Kills” I featured recently (go here) and consists of two members: Dylan Thomas – vocals, guitar (left) and Kobe Laurence – drums (right). I’ve been lucky enough to get them to be the latest people to create a playlist for TRMB and it’s split into 2 parts, with each member giving us 5 of their favourite songs. Really love the playlist they created and the work they’ve done so far – these guys are gonna be big!

Photo courtesy of Nigel Hosang ( 

Dylan’s playlist:

1. “This has always been one my favourite songs. Being a guitarist the intro line just melts me, Its the tone and the parts that blow my mind. “

2. “I don’t know what it is about this song that I love so much. Something about the ridiculous lyric that the kid is talking about and the beautiful melody and chord progression that I can’t stop listening to.”


3. “Three albums in and theses guys keep producing gold. This song off their latest album was such a stand out.”

 4. “The opening track of the new Beach House album is so stunning. They are so good at writing melodies that get trapped in your head, in the best way possible. I found it hard to get past the first song on the album because this track is far too good.”

 5. “The first time I heard this song I was blown away. I have always been a fan of Santigold’s and when she brought out her new album I fell in love with this song and her all over again.”

Kobe’s Playlist:

1. “Old CWK stuff is some of my favourite music of all time. Their sound was perfect…I love how rough and raw it was in ‘Robbers & Cowards’.  I’m pretty big on this album, it challenges me with my own writing and convinces me to break the rules that can hold me back creatively.”

2. “I’m a huge fan of this song. It reminds me of being a teenager and having barely any responsibilities. This song puts me in a good space.”


3. “First I heard of The xx was at Lane Way festival in Sydney Australia 5 or so years ago. I watched their show and jumped on their stuff really quickly. They have such a distinct sound and I love how emotive they get. ‘Intro’ is an outstanding track.”

4. “This band has to be one of the most talented acts out. Their 2003 album ‘Zitilites’ has meant a lot to me since its release and this track is somehow still really fresh.”

5. “I recently discovered this artist and fell in love with the sound. This track in particular is addictive and the rhythm kills me every time I hear it.”