It’s official. After a very long absence I am finally back to being a normal functioning member of society. My over-extended break from the internet has ended, and the nice thing about not having it for so long is that I’ll now have a lot of things to write about. So for the next few days expect to be spammed by me endlessly. I hope you’re prepared.

Crystal Castles’ latest album, III, leaked a week ago, and after giving it a good listen, Ive decided that these are my favourite new songs.

This song is literally blowing my mind. 3.52 in particular. It kind of sounds like something that would be played in a science fiction movie set in a alien factory, or maybe just in a crack den. I can’t be sure.

Lana Del Rey just released The Paradise Edition of her debut album Born To Die, which comes with 8 new songs. This one is definitely my favourite.

Mt. Wolf was introduced to me in the remix that Catching Flies did for “Life Size Ghosts”, which I recommend you listen to, here. “Cry Wolf” is another incredible song by the band taken off their current EP.

Little Dragon got remixed Shlohmo. Honestly, what could be better?

I couldn’t write this post without mentioning something about The Drums, who are playing in Cape Town TONIGHT! So excited I could cry. I probably will be crying later. And I’m really looking forward to it.