50 Shades of Chill.

chromaticsChromatics are back with another perfect song taken from their upcoming After Dark 2 triple LP.

mansionsonthemoonI recently discovered Mansions on the Moon while watching an episode of Made in Chelsea. They sound a lot like what I’d imagine Postal Service to sound like now if they were still making music today.

Black-Keys-2010-ColorThere’s something quite magical about combining hip hop with The Black Keys. After their collaboration with RZA I’ve been desperate to hear more like it and that’s exactly what you get in the mash-up done by Wick-It The Instigator which features Big Boi.

Flume-Article1-e1352172946623Flume’s debut album is doing incredibly well which is amazing for someone apart of a lesser appreciated genre, which he describes as “Flume Step”.

Half-moon-Run_420If you’re tired of listening to Alt-J I recommend listening to these guys.

Beach FossilsNew song from Beach Fossils.

675fe_1219610Here’s another Australian band that’s starting to make a few waves. I’m convinced that their name is a synonym for a Pterodactyl who loves snacks.