Event: Wrestlemania

wrestlemaniaThe truth is, I initially didn’t pay much attention to this event when I first saw it pop up on Facebook. I’m not that into wrestling and wasn’t that interested in spending a night watching 2 guys go at it (obviously I recognise the humour in that). However, I later found out there will in fact be no actual (planned) wrestling and that it is instead about showcasing Nicolaas Van Reenen’s (Bateleur) new side project. You can only imagine my embarrassment. The night will be hosted at Liquid, which promises to be unimaginably seedy, and prolonged. Slabofmisuse is also DJing, and if one side project performance wasn’t enough for you, you can also expect performances by Desert Head (Christian Tiger School), Jacobsnake (Voice Tag/B-team), OX ++ (Beatenberg) and my personal favourite, Gateway Drugs (Beach Party), who recently released a truly amazing debut album, which you can download here, and listen to below.

For the event page, go here.