Playlist: Sellah

sellahSellah is the duo consisting of Michael (vocals/songwriting) and Lewis (production), who hail from New York  and are currently launching their music career in our very own city. Earlier today I interviewed them for The Assembly’s website and here’s a taste of what went down:

Tell us a little about the group’s dynamic and how this influences your music. 

M: “Well, Lewis comes from a very well nourished musical background, while my influence comes more from an international and soulful background.  Our styles allow us to incorporate a wide variety of genres and individual uniqueness and perspectives to the whole package”.

What can we expect from Sellah in 2013?

M: “In 2013 something very big is going to happen. We cannot say what, but soon the world will know and respect us. We definitely want to stay in Cape town a few more months to create as much buzz here and international exposure for us. Just picture it: ” New music group from America chooses Cape Town as their launching city for their career” We see this more as a Cinderella Story. So beautiful and so special and VERY realistic.”

To read the full interview you can head over The Assembly’s website here,  and if reading an interview isn’t a good enough way for you to get to know an artist better, how about listening to their 10 favourite songs at the moment?

Lewis’s Playlist:

1. “I like this song because of the contrast between build up and drop. It builds so heavily and beautiful and get the listener excited, until the simplistic, bass heavy drop comes in.”
2. “Not much to explain, it’s just a super excited track with a supreme level of production. I love the overall flow of this song though, the escalation of drops, and the phrasing of the build-ups makes it perfect Party music.”

3.  “I love the production of the vocals, and just the whole triumphant vibe given off, but the thing that got me hooked on this song was the video. It’s shot so beautifully.”

4. “This song is so amazing, because of the classic funky vibe given off, and just how heavy the groove is.”
5. “I love this song, as well as all other songs created by this artist – it’s from a solo project made by the singer of Sigur Ros.”
Michael’s Playlist:
1. “The way the song was produced was very impressive to me. I like the dynamics of it, but mostly the lyrics. I get a lot of my inspiration from female artists because I feel they push the boundaries a bit more on a wider scale.” 
2. “Well the definition of Zion is a place of peace. Her joy is in Zion and this is how I now focus my life and goals. Sellah means praise and meditation and this song can give any inspiration to any artist with a never ending fuel of passion.”
3. “I am obsessed with triangles and egyptian culture, so when I was introduced to this group I instantly fell in love with what they do. As they say ” Triangles are my favourite friend.”
4. “Her whole story is something that I reflect on with what we are now doing with Sellah as well as running our own record label just as she did. She created her own identity/sound and I have all respect for this artist. I could not place all her music here so I just closed my eyes and chose this one.”
5. “As commercial as this song is, the chorus is what makes me choose this as a top 5. The beat production is pretty simplistic, but when you have a strong chorus in your music, you can pretty much get away with everything else. ” I feel free” really hits hard every time that vocal syncs in with the beat.”
Sellah will be doing their first show at The Assembly TONIGHT and I highly recommend being there for it (event details here), but if you need more convincing you can check out their latest EP here as well as the video for the very impressive, “Supernova Life”, below.