Destiny’s Child | “Nuclear”

Destinys-Child-Love-Songs2 days ago we all found out that Destiny’s Child would be reuniting this year, and I must admit I thought we’d be waiting for quite a while before we actually heard any new material from them, but to everyone’s surprise their first song was released last night, and to be perfectly honest I’m quite disappointed. The song had the makings of being incredible, I mean it’s been almost a decade since their hiatus began and they even got Pharrell (who’s also been relatively quiet over the years) to produce the song, but instead of being that amazing slap-in-your-face bitch-I’m-back kind of song that I for one was expecting, “Nuclear” is instead a completely¬†forgettable, soft and borderline boring attempt at something that should’ve been great. My only hope is that this is the “warm-up” song to an album more deserving of their comeback.