What’s new, 2013?

Just over 2 weeks into the new year and a number of amazing artists have released new material – some good, some bad, and some not even worth mentioning. Destiny’s Child and Justin Timberlake both released their comeback songs a few days ago, which were both pretty awful. I wrote about the DC song here, and, well, I told you that some songs weren’t worth mentioning so I’m sorry, Justin. The good news is there have also been some incredible songs released so far, so let’s rather focus on them.

Youth+Lagoon++PNGThe first 3 bands are are all releasing their sophomore albums in about a month and it’s like they’re working together to make my life overwhelmingly enjoyable. Youth Lagoon’s first album was pure perfection and was apparently recorded entirely in Trevor Powers’ bedroom. Yesterday he released the first song from Wondrous Bughouse, and it’s an amazing progression from his earlier work. 

beach-fossilsYesterday, Beach Fossils also released a new song from their new album, Clash The Truth.

StarfuckerStarfucker released the first single from their new album back in December, called “While I’m alive”, which was really fun, and earlier this month they released another song called “Say To You” which shows off their more dreamy, emotional side which is the reason I love them so much to begin with.

Local-Natives-2Local Natives are also back with their new album, Hummingbird, which is out later this month. They released the first single, “Breakers”, a while back, and have now released another song ahead of their album’s release.

cold-war-kids4Cold War Kids are also back with their 4th studio album, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, which, again, is out next month. Their first single, “Miracle Mile” just got released and is really bold and engaging, doing exactly what a first single should – Destiny’s Child and Justin Timblerlake take note!