Playlist: Das Kapital

dasDas Kapital is the wonderkid producer/DJ/radio host who first made it onto the world’s radar with the amazing bootleg of Bon Iver’s modern day classic “Skinny Love”. Fast forward a few years and he’s become one of this city’s most sought after acts, and is also about to release his latest EP, Free Trades, which you can preview below.

“I’m listening to a lot of really interesting music right now, and sadly a lot of the tracks I want to share with people are unsigned or forthcoming, so there aren’t any clips available to post just yet, but I thought I’d get into the songs that are influencing me, and keeping me occupied in the time between working on new material for myself.”

1. “The Reef is a producer from Sweden I recently found out about and have been chatting with. He’s an Engineering student and makes music on the side. His ethos is throwing away the conventional structures and “necessities” of dance music, giving way to what he calls “weird dance music”. He’s underrated and really good at what he does. I play this music both at home and in my sets so it’s really all-around just good music.”

2. “I shouldn’t really have to introduce this guy. Dr Dre’s latest project. Absolutely top notch lyricist. Amazing production. This song is basically the “pop” song doing it for me right now.”

3. “A pretty phenomenal piece of dance music with listenability to it, released on Fake Blood’s Blood Music imprint. A little bit house, a little bit techno, a whole lot of nasty bassline genius. He’s been around a long time and he’s going to be for a while yet.”

4. “A beatmaker out of Russia, adding a fresh flair to his tracks. Released on A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold Records. It goes ‘ard.”

5. “This track was a bonus track on their 2009 album “Animal”. I could speak volumes about the high levels of production and so on, but that’s not why this track is important to me – it captures emotion. To me, it’s timeless. Appreciate it for the art and poetry, if anything.”

6. “Rell the Soundbender is an American producer that has been producing Hip Hop since 2004, having done records for Lloyd Banks, Far East Movement and, Flo-Rida amongst others. He re-directed his career towards producing club music in 2011, and really excels at bridging the gap between Hip Hop and “Dance” well. This track is a beast. It’s fucking aggressive but I like to mobb out to this from time to time.”

7. “Death. Zombies. Sirens. Rave. This isn’t for the light-hearted.”

8. “NoisseS sent me this a while back and it’s been getting played since, really. Mellow, fun and distinctly British.”

9. “I can’t really put this song into words. It’s subtle and it’s decadent and it’s human – that’s all I’ve got.”

10. “When Cardopusher sent me the split EP he did with Nehuen on their label “Classicworks”, I found this track – new age fun with a vintage feel.”