Folk Fix.

devendra-banhart-walillamdziDevendra Banhart is about to release his next album, Mala, and so far has released 3 songs from it, 2 of which you can listen to below. What’s particularly interesting about “Never Seen Such Good Things” is that at first it sounds like another typical love song, but listen to the lyrics and it turns out to be quite the opposite. I especially enjoy it when he says “if we ever make love again, I’m sure that it would be quite disgusting”.

Phosphorescent+PIC33There’s something about Phosphorescent that reminds me a lot of  U2 in “Song for Zula”.

indians_4ad“I Am Haunted” is the first single from Somewhere Else, the debut album of Copenhagen’s Søren Løkke Juul, aka Indians. I don’t know what it is about folk bands and portraying women as deranged and vengeful, first it was Alt-J in their video for “Breezeblocks” and now Indians, here.

TakkaTakka-600x330Takka Takka are back with their new album A.M. Landscapes after a 4 year hiatus, and you can listen to their first single below.

fred woodsFred Woods is someone who I think is going to become very popular. He’s started making music that is incredibly dark and introspective whilst still managing to be really easy to listen to, much like what made the likes of Bon Iver and Jose Gonzalez so famous. His debut album, Documenta is a definite must-have.