Playlist: Mudblud

mudbludIf you’ve been to Untamed Youth recently and had a good time, this is one of the guys you should thank. Mudblud is the boy who took his longstanding crush on Hermione to the next level and will be playing at New Voyage: Stranger Danger tonight at Hectic on Hope. His playlist arrives as Summer slowly comes to an end, so if you’re having trouble saying goodbye you’ll want to listen to this, and if you like what you hear I strongly suggest you make an appearance tonight.

1. “For the first track of a summer playlist I just had to pick a Viceroy track. Viceroy is a San Francisco producer who has really tapped into the ‘summery’/feel good niche. This particular track is part of his ‘Jet Life’ series, a collection of mashups of classic hip hop vocals with tropical beats. What can I say? I’m a real sucker for steel drums.”

2. “My second is Zimmer’s disco-fication of Moscow based indie rock band Pompeya. Zimmer is another ‘tropical’ producer who constantly impresses. In ‘Power’ I particularly enjoy the big piano sections. Just too good!”

3. “The third is quite an old track (2009) that I only got recently thanks to unashamedly whipping out ‘Shazam’ during a recent Tommy Gun set at Untamed Youth. I really couldn’t help myself with this one. I think it really captures indie dance so well! Have to add that the original track is mighty impressive itself even before being digitally ‘energized’ by Database.”

4. “Next up is 2011 electro pop hit ‘Polish Girl’. I’m quite a fan of Neon Indian and ‘Polish Girl’ is definitely my fav song of theirs. It’s one of those tracks that gets you smiling every time. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself.”

5. “‘Just Go’ by Shindu was remixed by a handful of nu disco producers and I love them all. Picking Jerry Bouthier’s above the rest was easy however as quite recently I got to meet the guy (I use the term ‘meet’ quite loosely here as I just said hi, shook his hand, and got a photo with him) when he came to South Africa. I was quite lucky in that I got to see two of his shows in one night (Thanks Thomas!).”

6. “As much as I like the original song I don’t think a playlist of mine would be very representative of my taste if it didn’t include anything from Gigamesh. In this case Gigamesh takes this great indie pop tune and makes it more romantic (is that a real thing?). Gigamesh is easily my favourite producer of 2012 – don’t think he is the best just that this guy definitely knows what I like!”

7. “So so good! I think this is my favourite song at the moment. Actually, I’m sure of it. Maybe seeing The Drums play live has something to do with it but this song makes me so God damn happy. Hits that feel good note so well!”

8. “Happiness made audible. Robotaki took an already feel good song and cranked it all the way up. This song is outrageously catchy but in the best way.”

9. “Nu disco beat/pop feel/fantastic synths. What more do you want? It even comes with a nice music video. Think M83/Miami Horror/Bag Raiders. Wooh!”

Strange Talk – Cast Away from Strange Talk on Vimeo.


10. “I couldn’t help but put two Viceroy tracks in. I think I can be forgiven however since it is a summer playlist and what is more ‘summery’ than a song called ‘Summer Life’ which is remixed by Viceroy?”

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