Electronic Fix.

Andy BullGetting this fix off to a solid start is YesYou’s remix of Andy Bull’s “Keep on Running”. 

masters-in-franceIn “Flexin”, Masters in France resemble a lot of what made The Presets so great when they first started. This is definitely not the type of song you want to be listening to when you’re stuck at your desk.

holyghostNext up is the new track from Holy Ghost! which was released a few days ago.

silver-swans_jpg_630x468_q85Silver Swans’ first single from their sophomore album manages to make dream pop sound incredibly sexy.

Chvrches-1CHVRCHES are becoming one of the most regular features here on TRMB and their new cover of HAIM’s breakout single, “Falling” proves exactly why.

native tongueAnd speaking of covers, Chris Isaak’s all time classic “Wicked Games” got a beautiful treatment by Native Tongue.

astronauts-etc-3Astronauts, etc is back with another amazing single, which sounds a lot brighter than his usual stuff. Even though I’m all for depressing shit that you can just zone out to, I’d actually love to hear more of this side of him.

SunGlitters_hi_res_press-640Everything Sun Glitters does it pretty faultless. I follow him on Soundcloud (if you don’t, you should) and he seems to churn out song after song so regularly that it’s almost surprising they still sound remotely interesting. This is one of his latest releases and it features Cuushe.

121129-BlackbirdBlackbirdBlackbird Blackbird meshed so many different sounds into this one that the end product creates an atmosphere so consuming that it’s hard not to get lost in.