Podcast: TRMS | 2ovfm | 08.08.2013

970449_357743711021600_1805638466_nSo a few weeks ago I got my own radio show with Jana Babez on 2oceansvibe, and starting today I’m going to be posting a podcast of each show for those of you who were unable to listen in. And for those of you who did listen in – thank you! Now you get to re-live all the weird awkwardness that is becoming our general vibe on TRMS.

Each week we have a guest on our show and last week those guests were two-thirds of the organisers of After Hours – Ian Jepson and Phillip Kramer. They chose 2 songs each, along with another 2 songs submitted by absentee-organiser, Tyler Smith.

Ian’s playlist:

Phil’s playlist:

Tyler’s playlist:

And here are my choices on behalf of TRMB:

To end off every show, Jana Babez lets us know what she’s been listening to, and we call this segment “Babez Beat”:

Be sure to listen in every Thursday on 2ovfm from 18h00 to 20h00, right here