Podcast: TRMS | 2ovfm | 15.08.2013

Podcast 2ovfmEach week I host my own radio show with Jana Babez on 2oceansvibe, and following that show I post a podcast for those of you who were unable to listen in. And for those of you who did listen in – thank you! This is what went down last week:

Each week we have a guest on our show and last week those guests were Isa and Fani from Crazy White Bitches. Besides filling us in on all the happenings in their lives they also got to share the songs that they’re currently listening to at the moment, and this is what they chose:


Fani’s Playlist:

Isa’s Playlist:

And these were my choices on behalf of TRMB:

To end off every show, Jana Babez lets us know what she’s been listening to, and we call this segment “Babez Beat”:

Be sure to listen in every Thursday on 2ovfm from 18h00 to 20h00, right here