Beatguide Arrives in Cape Town.

beatguideBeatguide, the electronic music event platform, offers the best and easiest way to find events by connecting clubbers, DJs and venues. It enables electronic music fans to find everything they need to know about what’s happening in their city and comes complete with a SoundCloud powered music-player, maps, entrance fee and flyer artwork.

Beatguide currently covers events in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Ibiza, London, Paris, Hamburg, San Francisco and now, Cape Town. It has also just been chosen as one of three finalists for Red Bull Amplifier, which could help getting the platform out there.

“We’ve always believed in the concept from the very start, and to now work with Red Bull is very exciting! Red Bull will be a great partner for Beatguide, as they support underground music and events and bring expert branding and marketing panache” – Beatguide Co-founder, Stefan Baumschlager.

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