Charli XCX | “Allergic to Love”.

charli-xcx-urban-outfitters-1Charli XCX is gearing up to release her follow-up to the pop perfection that was True Romance. When asked about what direction she’d be taking in the new album, she said “I feel like everyone’s expecting me to make a ‘synth-pop’ record… I hate that term so much, I can’t think of anything worse. The music I’m making now is so much more live — it’s inspired by the Ramones, the Hives, Weezer.” That new direction is perfectly summed up in her latest taste from the album, which was released via Twitter yesterday. “Allergic to Love” could not be further from the poppy goodness of her previous album, but it’s still very Charli and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters, right?