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Event: MARCUS MARR (DFA Records)

This weekend, South Africa will be treated to a special event headlined by London-based Marcus Marr, who became widely recognised by his international hit, “The Music”, which charted at number 3 in Spin Magazine’s… Continue reading

Event: RAVE.

I’m back. And for my first post of the year I have something quite special to share. Last year I threw a party for the first time, that was inspired by the clubkids of… Continue reading

Event: Dark Synth | Vol. 1.

If Synth were an homage to the kind of 80s aesthetic that the Drive Soundtrack was built on, then Dark Synth would be its evil alter ego. This is a new party that… Continue reading

Event: Jose Cuervo | Who’s in for The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals?

This weekend Jose Cuervo will be bringing you The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals along with some of South Africa’s best in what’s set to be the street party of the year. #PartyAnimals in CT… Continue reading

Event: RAVE.

For the first time on this blog I’m going to be posting about an event that I’m actually a part of. RAVE is what happens when a few people obsess over movies like Party Monster for too… Continue reading

Event: Untamed Youth | Hello Beautiful EP Launch.

Tomorrow night Untamed Youth will be hosting the launch of Hello Beautiful‘s EP, Supernova Love and will feature a performance by the man himself, accompanied by Laudo Liebenberg, Danielle Hitchcock and Peach van Pletzen, who… Continue reading

Event: YOH! Dark Twisted Fantasies.

This weekend YOH! returns to Manila Bar with 2 stages, a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) and enough great acts to keep you occupied the whole night, including The Frown,… Continue reading

Event: New Voyage | ‘SmackDown vs Raw’.

Do you enjoy public holidays? Are you into wrestling? Well, New Voyage has just the thing for you! This Monday you’ll be able to party like you don’t have work the next day… Continue reading

Event: Untamed Youth x Crazy White Bitches | ‘Spring Break’.

I remember a time when going out during the week was a given. When partying on Tuesday’s until 3 the next morning was not only acceptable, it was expected. Joining the working world… Continue reading

Event: YOH! | ‘Illuminati’.

Tonight YOH! returns and this time features a screening of John’s Carpenter’s “They Live” (1988) followed by performances by Das Kapital‘s never before seen alter ego – White Chocolate, as well as Doctor… Continue reading