St. Lucia Makes South Africa Proud.

St Lucia is the stage name for the Johannesburg-born Jean-Philip Grobler. “All Eyes on You” was the song that first got my attention, and when I later found out that he was from South… Continue reading

Music or Art?

Polica just released their new video for “Wandering Star”. It’s a new take on the classic tale of the artist and her muse, who in this case are a group of pretty amazing… Continue reading

“Ferngully” Mixtape

Time to share some local talent. Einstein Adonis is the new persona of the DJ who used to go by the name of Jimmy Starburst. He just released a 28 minute mixtape called… Continue reading

Playlist: Crazy White Bitches

Seeing as though this is the most relevant music blog around, I’ve decided that I should probably be dedicating posts to what equally relevant people are listening to; and who better to start… Continue reading

So in Love With Yoann Lemoine

Yoann Lemoine is undoubtedly my favourite music video director. In the past year he has produced some of the best videos I’ve ever seen (which includes the videos for Lana Del Rey’s “Born… Continue reading

“Heart of Dust” Video

I featured Light Asylum in the first ever TRMB post, which was about my top 10 favourite artists for the year (to read the full post, go here). I’m happy to announce that they’ve… Continue reading

Weekend Round-Up

I came across a few great artists this weekend, the first of which was Charli XCX. “Nuclear Seasons” is probably my new favourite song at the moment. Watch the video below. Download Charli… Continue reading

Pop Culture Nostalgia

MS MR have produced a wonderful video of flashing images reminiscent of days gone by. Watch it below, and try not to blink.

Chromatics | Kill for Love

Chromatics got recommended to me by two different people who both clearly know what they’re talking about. The album Kill for Love is pretty amazing and has a few noteworthy tracks that you should… Continue reading

“I Already Forgot Everything You Said”

The Dig just released their second single off their new album Midnight Flowers and I can already tell that I’m going to have it on repeat for the next few days. Also listen to… Continue reading