Clock Opera Loves Senior Citizens.

Clock Opera’s last two videos have had one thing in common: old people. The first video, “Once and For All”, is one of the saddest music videos I’ve seen all year and the… Continue reading

Nicolas Jaar Enters the ‘Darkside’

Nicolas Jaar can do no wrong in my eyes. His newest venture is a collaboration called Darkside, which he started with Dave Harrington. The first single to be released from their self-titled EP… Continue reading

Max Payne 3 | HEALTH

Max Payne was one of my biggest obsessions growing up and after years in the making, Rockstar are finally ready to release the third installment in the series. To make things even more… Continue reading

Mr Little Jeans’ New Single.

Mr Little Jeans are back with their latest single “Runaway”. While it isn’t as amazing as the cover of “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire (which got everyone talking about them), it’s still worth… Continue reading

Songs About Girls Named Kelly.

Van She have been around for ages and they just released their first and title track off their new album, Idea of Happiness. The video for the song is strangely enjoyable. Watch it below. Below… Continue reading

After Hours: Weird Science

After Hours is probably the best party to go to in Cape Town. It happens once a month at Assembly and plays the best music in town. No-one has ever not had fun/embarrassed… Continue reading

RAC’s First Album

RAC (Remix Artist Collective) have been remixing some of the biggest artists for years now, but for the first time ever they’re actually releasing an album of their own. The first single to… Continue reading

‘Made in Chelsea’ Knows Good Music.

For those of who don’t know, Made in Chelsea is a British reality show which follows the lives of a bunch of ridiculously rich kids. It’s totally scripted, but whatever, it’s addictive as hell… Continue reading

This Year’s Top 10 (so far…)

To start things off, I’ve decided to tell you about my Top 10 obsessions for the year. If you don’t like what you hear now you should probably stop paying attention to me.… Continue reading